Market Research

Market Research is the key factor to get advantage over competitors. Market research provides important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition.Servosell’s analytical solutions that help marketers stay abreast of their competition, customer and industry.

In a fiercely competitive market, you need someone from outside the pack, with a clear market perspective, to give you the right intelligence on your market, brand, competitors, and customers. Servosell’s Research Solutions offers comprehensive and specialized services to help you gain a 360oview of each of these segments. We look around so that you can look ahead.

This spreads across services like Primary and Secondary research, Social listening and Web analytics.

Strategic Consulting

Nailing down your problem is a difficult process from inside out. However we bring you an outside in perspective to your key challenges. Servosell Consulting services offers you an impeccable advisory for your brand.

With a collective experience of over 100 person-years, and a team drawn from leading technology organizations, Servosell is ideally poised to help organizations take advantage of technology to expand marketing effectiveness. Servosell can help organizations with arriving at growth and go to market strategies, conduct branding positioning exercises, or help launch a product or offering.

Servosell Advantage

Servosell’s unique blend of conceptual clarity and context understanding gives your organization a valuable external expert’s insights for business critical issues.

Brand Building

Every Brand is a story in itself. Stories can form the foundation of your business. It captures our imagination, illustrate our ideas, arouse our passions, and help us manage businesses.

In a highly competitive Market Place, you don’t usually get a second chance to make that big impression. A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies day by day. It’s important to spend time investing in researching, defining, and building your brand. After all your brand is the source of a promise to your consumer. It’s a foundational piece in your marketing communication and one you do not want to be without.

Content Solutions

Before your brand can tell its story, you need to know who you are. Critical to the success of any marketing or more specifically, an integrated campaign is the delivery of a consistent and passionate message about what you offer and why customers and partners should choose your brand. The completion of a branding matrix is the foundation that we will draw from to guide business and marketing decisions that affect your market position, as well as the messages we take to the news media and other audiences.

Content has always been the pivot of marketing- getting the message right out to your audiences is at the core of a company’s brand building initiatives. The role and variety of content has increased exponentially with the advent of digital media. We provide content solutions from creating business, from writing and editing to brochures and your other collateral needs.