Paper Boat Ad - Drinks and Memories

Paper Boat Ad – Drinks and Memories

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March 29, 2017
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Paper Boat Ad – Drinks and Memories

“It was such a hectic day, I couldn’t even take a coffee break out of my tight schedule!” And that is my usual refrain during my nightly calls to my Mom.. I have no exciting stories to share with her and consequently no special memories to build on a day to day basis. I feel something is sorely missing. We just don’t have enough time to spend with our family and friends. We seem to have lost our inner child, our innocence and our ability to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, in our crazily busy routine. And this is not just my story, a lot of 80s and 90s kids can also relate to this scenario, especially if they have migrated from their home towns to bustling cities. If we – pause awhile and recall our most cherished memories – especially those that make us smile -, I am sure the ones that stand out, are our childhood days.  Those days, packed to the brim with innocent fun, mischievous prank and cheerful laughter. All those emotions that we seem to have lost somewhere.

A company called Hector Beverage has captured  these exact emotions to create a sense of nostalgia for the days gone by  and to very effectively connect with customers and market their brand Paper Boats with a simple, yet powerful  approach:  “Drinks and Memories” Paper Boat, the manufacturer of  ethnic- flavoured drinks launched their ever first digital campaign last year. A three and a half minutes Ad which takes us on a trip down memory lane, eliciting the nostalgia of a simple time.

This short Ad traces back the footprints of our childhood memories. Rushing out to catch the first drop of rain, floating paper boats in the river, chasing kites, playing holi, spending time with grandparents…. The many magical moments of childhood were captured beautifully in this ad.  Another significant feature of this Ad was – and continues to be –   the attention to the smallest detail, to create the sense of nostalgia that resonates with every Indian.    Choosing poetry over lyrics with the voice over by the renowned poet Gulzar and opting for the background score of Malgudi Days, further enhance and complement the creative approach.  . As the film ends, it shows a young man sitting in a plane and taking a sip from his Paper Boat Amras drink which reminds him of his childhood.

Hector Beverage was established in 2009, and was known mainly known for its energy drink “Tzinga” until 2013, when they launched Paper Boat – a range of drinks with typically Indian flavours,   like Amras, Jamun Kala- Khatta, Golgappe ka Pani and Jaljeera.

They came up with a concept of an ode to childhood and aired their first Ad last year in March 2015. It was an instant hit and has reached over 1 million views till date.

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