With stiff competition and one finding it hard to differentiate, we bring it on. We bring our clients’ offerings to market efficiently to generate new and profitable revenue streams.

  • Demand Generation
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Community Building
  • Measuring Customer Experience
  • Chrun Analysis
  • Retention Strategies

With the advent of multiple brands; grabbing the eye balls of the customers has become a tough Job. Servosell with its 100+ years of experience, brings on the digital demand generation services.

Real time and meaningful engagement with your customers would help you Up-sell and Cross Sell with ease. We bring in technology to enable more meaningful engagements with your customers and thereby ensuring higher Loyalty and retention.

The ever demanding and intelligent consumers are turning prosumers for your business. How do you go about identifying the prosumer and build a community around your offerings.

Frequent Customer Satisfaction survey to ensure – zero loss in revenue; resulting in Customer Delight.

Customer Win Back tactics and Churn analysis to make the most appropriate decisions on your offers irrespective of a festive or a non festive timing. Customers are more important and the right offer to the right customer should not wait at any given point.

Drive the right customer retention programme  to maximize the LTV ( Life time Value ).