With a collective experience of over 100 person-years, and a team drawn from leading technology organizations, genzAttitude is ideally poised to help organizations take advantage of technology to expand marketing effectiveness. genzAttitude can help organizations with arriving at growth and go to market strategies, conduct branding positioning exercises, or help launch a product or offering.

Servosell Advantage

Servosell’s unique blend of conceptual clarity and context understanding gives your organization a valuable external expert’s insights for business critical issues.

Business Plan

  • Business assumptions planning and research
  • Modelling
  • Scenario building


  • Annual marketing plans
  • Product or Brand launch strategy

Brand Strategy

  • Positioning and messaging strategy
  • Corporate branding exercises
  • Offerings branding exercises
  • Brand calendar creation


  • “How To” seminars for entry and mid level marketing professionals
  • Workshops

Servosell offers custom training programs for business leadership and marketing professionals of its client organizations. For instance, Servosell conducted a workshop for the marketing team of one of its clients on how to elicit better quality inputs for writing high quality case studies.