Ad Review: Thai Life Insurance

Ad Review: Thai Life Insurance

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February 10, 2016
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Ad Review: Thai Life Insurance

There are two major questions that this ad raises and addresses according to me.

The first one is, “How is life insurance important”, as opposed to “Why is it important”, which a majority of the insurance companies addresses in their advertisements. It is the fear-tactic that they really employ, they show things that are important to us and they tell us how easily can all of them be taken away (pushing them towards their product/service), and hence the importance of life insurance.

This specific ad is unique; this focuses more on the importance of life versus the features of an insurance product. This also shows us the difference a life can make by just being around for someone who is in need. The smallest gestures and nuances of someone’s actions affect the variety of people around them by making the viewer realize the importance of one’s life, it stresses on the importance of a life insurance (pulling them towards their product/service).

The second major question that it raises is how many people in the world are as the one depicted in this ad or even know someone like him. Almost 90% of us would have nothing to say about that, and those among the remaining 10% are like him or may know someone like him, are the lucky ones.
It then goes on to show the importance of kindness in the world, and somehow pointing out the fact that we are busy in our lives most often.

Not just an Ad, however it also raises a very important question to the world and humanity in general.

The Ad narrates a nice story that is pleasing to hear and when stories are believable, they are powerful. The ad connects with the audience very well and for all the right reasons it was awarded the best ad of 2014.

About the Author: Rajat Kumar

Rajat is a management intern with Servosell Consulting. He is currently pursuing his final year MBA with ISBR, Bangalore.

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